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Vera Wang, Cheerleading Costume Designer Extraordinaire?

Has world-renowned wedding gown designer Vera Wang decided to trade in lace and romantic dress bodice for spandex and sexy silhouettes? 

Well, not really traded in, but the fashion designer did whip up a few new costume designs for the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders.

In the year of 2003, the Eagles cheerleading squad made fashion news by being the first NFL troupe to have its uniforms conceptualized by a Haute-Couture designer. The chosen individual commissioned to design the cheerleaders’ uniforms was none other than Vera Wang, who is actually a close friend of the people in charge of the cheer squad, Jeff and Christina Weiss Lurie.

Flash-forward ten years later, history repeats itself as the design guru once again lends a fashion hand to the team and takes on the hefty responsibility of creating stylish athletic wear.

The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders premiered their upgraded costumes last Sunday at the team’s home opener at Lincoln Financial Field.

As mentioned by Lurie, the final signature pieces were fashion forward, chic and had that sporty look that represents the squad’s cutting-edge image. In simple terms, the styles were chic while displaying athleticism; everything a cheerleading costume should be.

It is also mentioned that new items will slowly come to surface throughout the season. Carefully crafted by Wang, each and every piece will be of midnight green, show the Birds logo and will be accompanied by a black sparkle sneaker for squad members to wear throughout the season.

So, what do you think of this fashion endeavour dear readers?

Interestingly, this is actually not the first time the famous designer has ventured out of her comfort zone…

Vera Wang has apparently left her design mark onto the wonderful world of mattresses too!

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