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Fashion Friday: One Leather Pants, Four Looks

One of the trickiest items to pull off (no pun intended!) is the leather pants.


While it has been a fashion staple for years now, not many know how to get the leather pants right. You’d think how hard can it be to pair up a trousers? Well, this particular pair is rather complex to wear without looking tacky and cheap.

No doubt, the leather pants is a timeless piece of clothing that makes its rounds into the fashion scene every now and then. Look towards Isabel Marant and Balmain for inspiration. It is also one fashion item that holds a lot of appeal. Leather, when done right, gives you a polished and sexy look.

When choosing a pair of leather pants, always go for slim cut design to look chic and not like a by-product of the 90s. Psstt…don’t confuse leather for those shiny PVC, the latter is just nasty!

A leather pants should feel snug not tight, and though this Fall/Winter 2013 trend leans more towards baggy leather pants, we’re not a big fan. Call us traditionalists but we like sleek not bulk.

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, the leather pants is one of the most versatile piece of clothing you can have in your wardrobe.

One thing everyone should remember is never ever pair leather on leather unless you’re in a biker’s club. Case in point – David and Vic before they become the Beckham power couple. Big no-no!

What works then? 

Look #1 ~ The Smart Lady

In order for this sophisticated look to take place, the top half should be of contrasting fabric or material like cotton, chiffon, chambray, etc. A shiny top would only look tacky as leather tend to reflect a bit of light too. Wear neutral or soft tones to balance out the harshness of the pants.

Look #2 ~ The Street Rebel

For days when you’re too-cool-for-school, you can team leather with a hi-top sneaker for that effortless style. Always keep the top casual and be sure it sits comfortably over your pants. Pair it with your favourite sneakers to go all the way comfy or if you like, notch it up in style with heels.

Look #3 ~ The Rock Chick

Leather has always been associated with a certain rebellious streak, like only the rockers would wear this garment. And while the rock Gods would approve of a black on black ensemble, go the other way and infuse a bold contrasting colour to mix it up a little. Carry it off with a dash of attitude!

Look #4 ~ The Preppy Girl

For a laid back vibe, tone down the heavy leather pants with a cute t-shirt. The idea is to make your appearance look fun and yet fresh. Again, you can play up on different texture and print to go with the leather for an edgy style. Optional – throw on a blazer for a striking look.

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