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Victoria Beckham To “Skype” A Feature On Her Label

There’s no denying the power of Skype and also Victoria Beckham as the two team up for a ground-breaking project.

As fashion brands move to be more digitally forward, Victoria Beckham is jumping onto the bandwagon too alongside her counterparts such as Burberry and Diane Von Furstenberg.

She’s got a history with Skype. At the start of her five-year-old label, Mrs Beckham was based in L.A. with her family in support of husband, David’s football career and had relied on Skype to carry on a long-distance business relationship with her London-based team. So even when she’s away, she has always managed to stay involved in the design process.

Thus, it is only right that the designer is now working with Skype to showcase a behind-the-scenes feature on her label.

The project is set for release later in the autumn and fans will get an “intimate access into the previously unseen world of Victoria Beckham’s story.” The background story revolves around the life of a driven designer and businesswoman, which will be told in a “ground-breaking storytelling format.”

While details of the partnership remain sketchy for now, and many sites had speculated it would either be a documentary or reality show, this project essentially will let fans have a glimpse of Victoria Beckham’s fashion world.

Vogue has reported that the feature will give the audience a chance to engage directly with the designer. It is an opportunity for fashion enthusiasts, aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs to be inspired.

Source: NY Daily News, Elle South Africa

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