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Tried & Tested: Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour

Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colours promises to be your next to-go eye shadow that’s all-natural, suitable for sensitive skin and can be either matte or shimmery. Could such sorcery be true?

What Is It?

Originating from Malaysia, Ronasutra is a brand that has gotten good word aplenty from their avid users and makeup junkies all over. The makeup brand is 100% natural and safe to use, but what sets them apart from others is their unique formulation – Ronasutra’s entire range of products are made entirely out of 100% minerals! To learn more about this revolutionary local brand, please check out our previous piece here and our review on their foundation here.

In their quest of spreading the goodness of mineral makeup to Malaysians, the brand has recently released a range that allows your eyes to speak volumes in a glance – say hello to the all-new Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour!

The brilliant product comes in five palettes, each with three different shades:

To give you an idea of how the eye shadows look like in action, we did a quick look with some of the colours from palette E2 and E4.

The captivating and intense Mauve colour was used as a base shade, while the beautiful Purple Brown was applied from the socket to create an ombre-like Outer V for this look. While we skimped out on this part, the lighter shades such as Pearl can be used for highlighting to make the look pop more.

What We Like About The Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colours

1. All-Natural. Made from 100% minerals, this eye shadow range is a great alternative if you have sensitive skin. Personally having combination and mildly sensitive skin, the product yielded no adverse effects on us.

2. Intense But Usable Colours. Even at first glance, one has to admit that the colours truly pack a punch. From the velvety Soft Silver to the rich Plum Brown, the Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colours vibrantly reflect the warm and rich hues present in nature. Being fortunate enough to see and sample the entire collection in real life, we can safely say that the eye colours boasts of vivid and fresh colours that will natural enhance ones’ eyes.

3. Portable. Although the packaging may seem odd to some, this is truly a blessing in disguise. The eye shadow comes in lightweight and handy stackable jars. Thus, allowing users to mix, match and stack the shades according to their heart’s fancy.

4. Dual Matte and Shimmer Effect. Versatility is taken to a whole new level with the Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour. Depending on the method of application, the effect of the eye shadow may vary:

  • Shimmer effect: Put on a primer beforehand, or dab and apply with fingers for a brilliant gleam on your lids.
  • Matte: Smear a layer of powder before applying eye shadow with brushes to achieve a soft, matte finish.

5. Easy To Use. Formulated to make make-up application as easy as possible, one can even opt to apply the make up on with your bare fingers (trust us, we tried)! Essentially a loose eye shadow, the product was easy to handle and application was not all that hard.

6. Halal Formulation. Although the Halal certification for this eye shadow range is currently pending, it is good to know that this product has a 100% halal formulation. This piece of information is shared by Ms. Audri Zin, the Product and Brand Development Director of the brand.

Overall, we think that this nifty new addition to the Ronasutra family is worth your time and investment. We honestly love how intense yet versatile their colours are. The fact that each palette is travel-friendly and comes in complementing shades is also major plus points in our books.

Priced at RM38 each, all five of the palettes are now available in every Ronasutra retail outlets and counters around Malaysia. Alternatively, you can also purchase the products via their official website (p/s: shipping’s free!). For more information on the brand or product, please visit here.

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