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10 Pop-Culture References for Halloween 2013 (Part 1)

Halloween is our favourite time of the year because it’s the perfect excuse to slap on a wacky costume and have some fun – Let’s face it, when else can we play pretend to be the wife of Khal Drogo! 

Here’s our list of top 10 pop-culture references for Halloween 2013 if you’re tired of dressing up as a sexy cat or bloodied zombie and want something that will get everyone smiling and laughing (should they get the reference)!

#1 – Miley Cyrus

Probably the biggest news in the music and entertainment industry, Miley’s tongue is a star on its own. To work this costume, make sure to practice swirling your tongue in a circular motion while stroking your invisible long hair while walking.

Opt for a one piece silver swimsuit or nude crop top and bottoms, red lips and Gwen Stefani-esque double mini-raver buns while holding a teddy bear in reference to her VMA performance – or wear a white crop top and underwear ala Wrecking Ball.

Optional: Hammer or Foam Finger


#2 – Robin Thicke

You can’t talk about Miley and not mention Robin Thicke. If you want to go as a couple, this combo would be perfect!

The most obvious would be Robin’s Beetlejuice-inspired black and white striped suit that he wore for the VMA’s.

Optional: #thicke sign, if you’re feeling extra douchey, aviators at night


#3 – Blurred Lines Dancers

When we saw Robin perform in Malaysia, turns out his backup “singers” were really just about as useful as the models in his video.

If you’ve got a bunch of girlfriends who would be game, dress up like the dancers in the censored version of his summer hit Blurred Lines music video by wearing anything short, tight and sexy in a white colour two-piece, paired with white creepers or platform shoes. Use tons of chunky gold jewellery, tie your hair in a high ponytail and braid it, use a see through raincoat or see-through invisble plastic table cover to layer on top of your skirt.

Optional: Live goat


#4 – Minions from Despicable Me 2

In an homage to the Minion craze that struck Malaysia a few months back, dress up as your favourite Minion in a yellow leotard or top, layered with denim overalls on top. For a couple outfit, your partner may go as the Minion-gone-bad all in purple; get a purple wig, back comb it in all directions so you have Einstein-like hair and wear black overalls over purple inner wear. Both should wear black wrist gloves and Minion goggles.

Optional: Handheld louspeaker (don’t forget to say Bee-doo-Bee-doo), a red firealarm Bee-doo hat, a stack of bananas, a fart blaster (which you can get from Toys ‘R Us), wigs, party toots – the options are endless!


#5 – The Fox

There is no doubt this viral hit by Norwegian duo Ylvis would be one of the most popular choices for Halloween this year. Find a fox kigurumi, or a mask, and follow Head to Toe’s fox halloween costume tutorial:

Optional: Get your friends to go as the rest of the animal gang in the video. Not optional: Asking everyone ‘What does the fox say?”

For the next five in our list, read part 2 of our Halloween 2013 Pop Culture Reference List!

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