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Fashion Friday: Givenchy Bambi Sweater Trend

Hot off the runway and red carpet, the beloved Disney character – Bambi – is given a spot in the fashion limelight.

The current must-have item is the brainchild of Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci. If you can recall the sudden interest in Rottweiler print two seasons back, he is the designer responsible for sending the dog into stardom from the Fall 2011 men’s runway show. The ferocious canine was pictured on sweatshirts and tees, and donned by celebrities as well as fashionistas the world over. Now it appears he has done it again!

Fashion lovers are coveting the neoprene “Bambi and Female Form Print Sweater” from Givenchy’s Fall 2013 collection which just went on sale this month. But they might just have to wait a little longer as this object of desire is reportedly sold out everywhere.

The animal sweater hype started a few fashion seasons ago and one of the more prominent brands to have got the excitement rolling is Kenzo with the tiger sweatshirt. It is easy to see why animal sweaters have such a strong appeal among brands and fans.

It is one piece of clothing that you can wear to make your own statement. And not forgetting, there’s the comfort factor!

As with any trendy items, you can and you should create your own style with the Bambi sweater.

Here we’ve styled up two looks should we ever get a chance to own a Bambi from Givenchy. Oh, the neoprene print also appears on tees and bags! In our humble opinion, Bambi is often viewed as this sweet, innocent thing, and Tisci probably mixed it up with a female form to signify a woman’s pure beauty.

So our idea is to go the other way and inject some tough loving.

Sweater + Skirt

Best to keep within the same colour tone to let the print stand out and add a bit of pink to offset the dark mood.

Sweater + Pants

As the sweater can be rather bulky, slim down the silhouette with a tapered/skinny pants. Pair with high heels to look sharp or hi-tops for that street vibe.

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