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Tried & Tested: Frontcover “Colours Of The Catwalk”

The tagline is “Where Make-Up Meets Fashion.” Our curiosity is piqued already. 

First up, I am a makeup noob. My idea of painting my face involves the occasional eyeliner and lip tint. So when you get your hands on an all-in-one kit, you know that playtime has just begun.

The Frontcover kits are what you would call a beginner’s introduction to makeup and the added bonus is that you get to look like the fabulous models from the runway. Frontcover carries an extensive range of cosmetics and makeups inspired by the latest catwalk trends that you can experiment with.

Each box or kit comes with useful tips and step-by-step instructions on how you can recreate the high fashion, magazine-worthy looks you see on its cover. Of course, in addition to that, you get the whole range of eyeshadow, eye pencil, blusher, lipstick and brushes to help you achieve that particular look.

Every year, there are two limited collections released by Frontcover – namely Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. For this review, we got the A/W 2013 “Colours Of The Catwalk” set that is predominantly metallic in theme.


In all honesty, the kit is pretty as a present but rather cumbersome to carry around if you’re thinking of travelling with Frontcover. Having said that, we do like the idea of ‘all-in-one’ for an affordable price of RM65. Great as a starter kit! And the packaging supposedly helps keep everything in one place so you don’t miss a single item. Win!


The eyeshadows, blusher and lipsticks are easy to put on without much fuss. These are more glamorous tones, so you might want to save it for evening events. However, we did try with applying just a single shade of eyeshadow – Gold Blush – for daywear and it was subtle with enough tint to highlight the eyes.

To top it up, the kohl eye pencil glides on smoothly and the smudger adds on a tinge of smokey effect. What we are not too keen on are the brushes which felt a bit rough upon application. A particular mention to be highlighted is the Bronze Angel Nail Polish, the flat brush applicator was easy to use and the colour is understatedly sassy.


While I had on the eyeshadow and blusher for only half the day, the colours didn’t run much but noticeably the kohl eye pencil was smudging outwards, leaving me with darker under eyes. It has to be noted that I do have oily lids and this is a contributing factor.


While you can go with the glamorous runway look suggested on the box, we decided to play up according to how we’d like our makeup to be – natural with minimum effect. In this case, we like how versatile you can be with just one kit. Imagine if you have a few other Frontcover kits!


This is a basic set and the makeup palette is lacking an essential like mascara. As everything is contained within one box, you may accidentally dent the eyeshadow or blusher when you’re rushing to do your makeup before heading out.

Frontcover makeup kits are available from Sephora Malaysia. Priced at RM65.

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