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Cash For Bras – The Neubodi Bra Drive

Do you have old bras that you’d like to get rid off while doing your bit for charity?

In this PINK October month, Neubodi, the lingerie brand is teaming up with Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and Free The Girls Association for an awareness campaign on breast cancer. While the awareness is growing, proactive response is still lacking in many women. Nearly 40% of cases detected each year were already in the very advanced stages.

So to create a stronger and effective awareness about this disease, Neubodi has taken to organise a bra drive by linking it back to our most favoured activity – shopping!

The Neubodi Bra Bank Drive encourages women to trade in their old bras for this cause and in return, Neubodi will rebate you with up to 20% discount and RM30 vouchers. And for every bra purchased thereafter, RM1 will be donated to BCWA.

“When you donate one old bra, you get 5% off one piece of bra you purchase, donate two pieces of old bras, you get a 10% off the two pieces of bra purchase and by donating three pieces and above of old bras, you will receive a 20% off three pieces of bra (or more) along with three rebate cash voucher of RM10,” explained Estee Ong, the general manager of Neubodi. Also, an additional 15% discount will be available for VIP members.

The campaign, which is running from Oct 5th to 20th, is currently on-going at all Neubodi stores. There’s no restrictions to the brands you can trade in, so bring all your old bras along. Neubodi hopes to collect 10,000 bras during this period and make a significant contribution in supporting all women.

While at the bra drive, you can take a picture at the camera booth to show your support for the cause. The best picture might just receive a mysterious gift from Neubodi. What you’ll need to do is hashtag #neubodi on the picture when you upload it onto any social media platform. The winner will be announced on Oct 25th during the official presentation of the proceeds to BCWA.

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