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Do You Have A Pore-blem?

Endlessly swamped with large and visible pore-blems (pore problems), we take on Soap & Glory’s The Fab Pore and The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion to see if they make for great solutions.


1. The Fab Pore

What Is It: Back with an upgraded formula and new packaging, the Fab Pore by Soap & Glory is a nifty 2-in-1 facial peel and mask formulated for those that have oily and combination skin types, and are prone to clogged pores. Simply put, the product aims to serve as a cleansing facial treatment, while minimising and decloging pores at the same time.

Promising to be a great refresher for exhausted skin, Soap & Glory shares that the secret behind this product lies in its ingredients:

  • Poreshrink-R complex, which is a double-action beta-hydroxy acid that fights spots, reduces inflammation and gently peels away pore-clogging dead skin cells.
  • Fomes Officinalis Mushroom Extract is known for their pore-tightening capabilities.
  • Kaolin Microclay to soak up excess sebum secretion.
  • Rice Microbeads effectively scrub, exfoliate and smoothens the skin, thus giving users a smoother complexion.

Application: While it is recommended to use The Fab Pore once a week, it is all right to use it twice weekly to battle breakouts. To apply, simply massage the 2-in-1 facial treatment onto your face (focus on your T-zone), leave it on for five minutes and rinse. If there are noticeable clogged pores, feel free to leave The Fab Pore on for 15 minutes instead for deep exfoliation.

Verdict: On days you feel lazy but want to give your face a thorough wash, this will be your best friend. Seriously now! All that is required is to slather on the clay mask, rub it around your face, leave it on while you go about whatever you want to do, and voila – a clean face!

The product applied on nicely, smoothly, and the green beads did its job in giving my skin a nice exfoliation. I left the deep cleansing mask on for 15 minutes and felt a slight tightening some time before washing it off. There is one complaint though, while my skin did looked healthier, I did not see any signs of my pores shrinking.

Would I Recommend It? While honestly on the fence with this product as it lacks pore minimising properties, I do think that it can be considered as it is not that half bad as a 2-in-1 facial treatment.


2. The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion

What Is It: Yet another Soap and Glory product that has been upgraded and repackaged, The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion is principally a daily moisturiser for oily and combination skin that aims to make pores appear less visible. This multi-tasking daily micro-smoothing moisture lotion is equipped with:

  • Detoxyboost, which is an organic ginseng-based blend of oxygenating molecules that can help boost circulation.
  • Poreshrink -12H complex, a skin-friendly combination of slow-releasing salicylic acid.
  • Vitamin B6 and Fomes Officinalis Mushroom functions as a moisture-boosting astringent agent that helps tighten pores and reduces sebaceous gland secretion.
  • Superfruit Yuzu as a skin energising, toning and brightening antioxidant
  • Nylon 12 delivers instant mattification because it is a highly porous and absorbent micro-nylon.

Application: As per any other moisturiser, apply The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion every morning and evening onto well-cleansed skin and then follow with sunscreen or serum.

Verdict: In all honesty, I’ve been personally using this for a while and I am quite enjoying it. The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion is a minty and lightweight cream-based moisturiser that gives just the right amount of moisture to my skin, minus making it being overtly oily. Nonetheless, I do admit that I wish it were more moisturising. Another thing I adore is the packaging – it’s so cute, convenient and practical!

Here’s the best news though – yes, it does minimise my pores! While not much, I can vouch that the opening of my pores were visibly smaller.

Would I Recommend It? If you’re looking for a lightweight but effective moisturiser that helps minimises your pores, then I would be quick to give you a ‘Yes.’ However, if you have dry skin, perhaps another moisturiser would be a better choice.


Both The Fab Pore and The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion by Soap & Glory are already available at Sephora stores around Malaysia now. 

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