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Don’t Eat Lunch At Your Desk! Here’s Why…

You might think that you’re saving some time and being productive but eating lunch at your desk is not the way to go.

The never-ending work pile, the lunch crowd, the noisy cafeteria, the need to find parking, these are all good enough reasons to stop us from going out for lunch each day. Heck, the team has days like these almost every week. We’d much rather stay in the office, eat our way through lunch in comfort and catch up on work at the same time.

But this is actually not a good habit. Lunch break is there for a reason and here’s why you need to step away from the computer screen to makan:

You’ll feel more energised

Lunch break is a way for workers to step away from the energy drain that they experience at the office. After rushing to get work going in the morning, a midday break is crucial to recharge both physically and mentally.

You’ll be more productive

Our midday meal helps to energise us simply because we get to focus on something else for that one hour. The filling break helps boost brain cells so you’ll have better concentration and higher motivation levels after. This in turn also will help you to get more work done.

You’ll be more creative

People who go out during lunchtime are reportedly more creative and less stressed. They tend to be better at processing facial expression which could potentially increase their creativity and connection to others. So teamwork becomes smoother and discussion is likely to bear fruit.

You’ll feel less stressed

Stepping out of the office promotes a better mood in a person. You’re giving yourself an opportunity to de-stress and not to mention, a chance to flex your body from the long hours of sitting down. A lunch break is a good time to move about and just enjoy your meal without worrying about deadlines.

You’ll snack less

It is known that we’re prone to indulge in mindless eating while doing something else and this causes us to overeat. The work desk should just remain as a work surface. Snacking mindlessly instead of a proper meal will trigger a negative digestive system and give you bloating, constipation and etc.

You’ll have less MC days

Eating away from your cubicle will ensure that you don’t risk your work desk being contaminated with bacteria or viruses from leftovers or food crumbs. The regular office worker’s desk is said to contain 400 times more bacteria than a toilet. Work surfaces are an easy target to spread diseases as many of us will still go to the office despite nursing an infection. So work desk should just remain solely for work!

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