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MediaCorp Subaru Challenge 2013: A winner is announced!

After a grueling 3 day battle against the weather, food, sleep and rest..a winner is crowned at the MediaCorp Subaru Challenge 2013!

The winner of the MediaCorp Subaru Challenge 2013 went to Yusman Wright from Singapore who lasted 75 hours 1 minute after it was discovered that the other contestant (also from Singapore) Sunawr Ali had a bit of space in between his palm and the car, which resulted in his elimination.

Yusman won this year’s grand prize, a Subaru Forester 2.0i Premium worth S$85,000 (RM215,605), while Sunawr walked away with S$5,000 in cash and Team Philippines were awarded the Country Team Winner title for the participants with the longest combined standing time,  along with a cash prize of S$10,000 (RM25,365) to be equally divided among the team.

As for Team Malaysia, they still made us proud through their show of friendship and optimism. In the wee hours of the third day at the 53-hour mark, the contestants were given their 5-minute break at 7pm to eat, drink, and have a toilet break. We witnessed a heartwarming moment as former contestant Khairul Hafiz  who was eliminated earlier, came back to support his Malaysian teammate and friend Muhammad Afif  as a ‘family member’ during the break.

Afif had used his time for a toilet break, drank some water and took his prayer ablutions – assisted by Hafiz who poured the water for him. Afif then ran back to the car, and as break time ended he commenced his Maghrib prayers the best he could with one palm on Car 3.

Unfortunately, at the 1am break later that evening despite having made it back to his car two-minutes before the call time – Afif who was at this point rather delirious but pumped up from the supporters that were near his car cheering him on, was disqualified due to letting them pat him on his back and hug him during his break time. His recorded time was 59 hours 16 minutes.

“The biggest challenge was the last few hours when Tan (the second last Malaysian in the contest) went out because his leg was hurting. I didn’t have anyone to talk to at that point, and my mind just went blank,” said the rock-climbing coach when we spoke to him after his elimination.

“I started hallucinating and saw funny things; I thought my palm which was on the hand decal was a chicken chop on a plate. And people started telling me that I had to push it (his hand) front and back, and I thought ‘Why am I supposed to do this again?’ It was very surreal,” he added.

“It was more of a mental challenge, and I was quite disappointed (with my elimination) – but I have no regrets.”

Afif, 28,  was the last one standing from Team Malaysia and won the title of Country Winner, which means he’ll be bringing home SGD$1,000 (RM2,539). We’re still extremely proud of the effort put in by the Malaysian team, and they’ll no doubt remain the champions of our hearts!

For the full interview with the lovely Afif, it will be coming very soon so stay tuned to!

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