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How To Get Rid Of Itchy Skin

Keep calm and stop the itch!

Itching is a common annoyance that can occur at any given time. It could be due to many different things like allergic reactions, insect bites, skin infections, weather, or even soaps, detergents and medications.

While we know it’s tempting to scratch that itch, understand that the more you scratch, the more you’re going to itch. It is really recommended that you stop scratching, it may give you temporary relief but there’s a chance that you will get even further injuries or skin infections.

There are several things you can do to alleviate the symptoms and find relief. Here are the home remedies to try:

Aloe Vera

Best to get fresh ones but if you can’t, buy all natural products without any chemical. The properties in aloe vera helps not only to overcome burning sensation from sunburn but also itching.

How to: Cut off a leaf, slice open and apply the gel over the area.


Beware this remedy is going to sting! Lemon contains antiseptic, anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties to calm even the most powerful itch while killing off any bacteria.

How to: Apply lemon juice to the affected surface and allow to dry. Or, squeeze lemon juice on a cotton pad and swipe it over itchy skin, repeating daily as needed.

Baking Soda

This is known as a miracle product for its many uses. And it is the most common remedy to treat any type of skin itchiness due to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

How to: Mix about 1 small bowl of baking soda with a tub of warm water and soak in the solution for 30-60 minutes. This can help reduce itching due to irritation, insect bites, bee stings and etc. If you have tiny wounds in the skin, mix three parts baking soda with one part water to make a paste and apply to the affected area. However, this should not be applied on skin that is injured.


Colloidal oatmeal has antioxidant compounds known as avenanthramides, which have great anti-irritant and soothing effects. This is not your typical breakfast oatmeal but the oats that are grinded into powder form. If you don’t have access to colloidal oatmeal, use unprocessed oat flour or whole oats, which you can grind yourself with a food processor.

How to: Add 1-2 cups of oats to a tub filled with warm water; never hot water as it may irritate your skin further. Immerse for an hour to relieve the itch.

Essential Oil

Many of the essential oils in the market contain anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to give you relief from irritated skin.

How to: Add them to your bath water or apply directly on your skin. Among the oils you can use are chamomile, clove, geranium, lavender, neem, peppermint, rosemary, thyme and more.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The versatile ACV can be used for many things as well as to relieve itching. It has antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent which is especially comforting for dry itchy skin.

How to: Put a few drops onto a cotton pad or washcloth and dab onto the affected area.

Cold Compress

Cool water and cold applications may be of great help in relieving itchy skin because both cold and itching sensations travel along the same nerve fibres.

How to: Run cool tap water over affected skin for as long as you need throughout the day or fill up your bath tub (add essential oils as per the point above if you want) and soak yourself. Alternatively, apply cold compresses to the affected areas using a wet cloth, or ice packs.

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