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Why Dustyhawk’s “Social Experiment” is a Failed One

After being exposed for being the ‘brains’ behind Sweet Malaysian Young Girls, Dustyhawk aka Serge Norguard aka Lionel Goh has come clean

Initially, he had denied any involvement in any of the other blogs that were mentioned including Sweet Malaysian Young Girls and said that he was merely linked on those sites.

However, after being exposed by Lightyoruichi, Dustyhawk has released another statement and claims that this whole fiasco has just been a “social experiment”.

“Well now, we have been caught and about time too, so to Harinder Singh.. Thank you for catching us. As you all know Sweet Young Malaysian Girls was the talk of the internet and even on the newspaper for the past two days. And we confess that we were experimenting with all of you, friends, acquaintances and such.”

He claims that the objective of this experiment was to see how many friends would turn against him and how many enemies he could make but admits to lying about his involvement.

“Though we did make a press statement that we did not contribute, which is true. However, we did lie about our involvement in it.” he wrote.

He goes into lengthy detail about the experiment, although we find a lot of contradicting statements.

For example, how does one “not contribute” content when all three sites were run by the same person?

On the one hand he says the objective was to find out how many friends would turn on him yet according to his statement, initially the site didn’t even link back to Dustyhawk. How was an anonymous site supposed to lose any friends?

He claims that since nothing happened to the site in the first few months, he needed a “big” name (aka himself) to pull in the crowds.

“It hit us like a cannonball, what we lack was a name to associate with, a reputation of sorts. Not just any reputation but one that has a big impact in the Malaysian social media scene.”

We also find it intriguing as he is constantly making statements as a collective “we, us” – but who exactly is he referring to?

Could it be his alter ego Serge Norguard? Dustyhawk is infamous for referring to himself in the third person as Serge so perhaps that is the explanation, or perhaps he is valiantly protecting the creators of the other sites (instead of outing them to share the burden of the hate) which would be quite noble.

He adds, “We knew what we were doing and knew that you would get angry. Who would have thought that you’ll fall for it.”

To that we say, there’s nothing funny about exposing young girls regardless of how “innocent” and “non-sexual” their pictures are on a collective that could clearly make them victims of pedophile stalkers. Your social experiment should not come at the cost of someone else life, unless you have written permission from the individuals involved.

He later tweets that even his parents think he needs help.

What do you think?

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