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Gift Idea: Boomf’s Cute Instagram Marshmallows

With the holiday season coming up, you may be in search of cute gift ideas – well, how about Instagram marshmallows?

What if you could personalize your gift to your best friends with pictures of the two of you taken from Instagram, printed onto a fluffy soft marshmallow and presented in a cute box of nine pieces?

We envision it being a great idea as a party or wedding favour to give away to your guests that is current, personalized and super fun!

Called Boomf, each “magical mallow” is a bite-sized 4cm by 4cm and comes in a scrumptious natural vanilla flavour for now, with plans to add more flavours in the future.

All you need to do, is allow Boomf to connect to your Instagram account and from there, select 9 pictures (preferably lighter pictures and avoid large dark areas because details tend to get lost), and the rest is history!

Now, while this may seem like a novel idea, it does come at a rather hefty cost of £12 (approx. RM63) for a box of nine marshmallows – but  fret not, it does include free shipping. The packaging is designed to fit through your letterbox, and their best before date is 6 months after delivery.

Would you consider getting the Boomf Magical Mallows as a gift?

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