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10 Ways To Use Lemon Peel

So you know how to use lemon for all your health and beauty needs. Now what to do with all the peels?

The magical fruit that is lemon has always been highly regarded for its all rounded benefit. As one of the most versatile fruits around, there are more than a few ways to make use of the juice, flesh and peel.

You’ve read our previous articles on how you can lose weight with lemon juice, and how to use lemon for your beauty needs, now here’s how to make use of the peels:

Lemon Vinegar Cleaner

Cut up lemon peels and fill them up in a container of your choice, preferably mason jar. Add white vinegar to cover the peels and seal with lid. Let it steep for about a week or two. After that, strain the lemon peels from the vinegar then add 50/50 mix of water and vinegar to wipe down stove, walls, floors or doors.

Ants/Pest Repellent

Chop rinds and scatter the small slices along windowsills, door entrances or near any cracks or holes where ants or pest may be crawling about. Aside from ants, lemons are also effective against roaches and fleas infestations.

Stain Remover

If your kitchen is showing signs of cooking splatter or greasiness, take those lemon halves, sprinkle some salt on them (for abrasion) and rub down the affected areas. Wipe up with a towel. Be careful when using lemon on marble counter tops or any other surface which may be sensitive to acid.

Home Freshener

Use lemon peels to freshen up your house – add the peels to simmering water, throw in some cloves/cinnamon sticks and let the wonderful scent humidifies the air. You can also place the peels to deodorise the garbage bin or inside the fridge to absorb smell and leave a citrusy scent.

Microwave Cleaner

For stubborn stains in the microwave, add lemon rinds to a bowl filled halfway with water. Cook on high for 5 minutes and allow the water to boil while the steam to condense on the walls and tops of the oven. Carefully remove the hot bowl and wipe away the residue with a cloth.

Brown Sugar Keeper

Add some chopped rinds with pulp and pith removed to your brown sugar to help keep it moist. The brown sugar will be soft the next time you need to use it.

Make Citrus Honey

This is simply a lovely accompaniment for drinks and toppings. Cut rinds into thin strips (remove the pulp and pith) and place in a sterilised jar. Pour honey or sugar over them and shake to mix well.

Zest It

This is the epitome of lemon essence and you can use it fresh, dried or frozen! Salads, tea, ice cubes, baked goods, steam dishes, etc, there are various ways you can use the zest. It is easier if you grate the peel for zest before juicing them. To dry zest, simply spread it on a towel and leave out to dry before storing in a jar. To freeze, sterilise the container first before putting into the freezer.

Foot soak

Give your feet some TLC with this recipe. Boil the rinds for several minutes, allow to cool and then strain. Fill a small basin with enough water together with the lemon water. Add ½ cup sea salt and 2 tablespoons ground ginger to the water and stir. Soak feet for about 20 minutes.

Hair Build-up Remover

Our hair can get weigh down by products we used. Clear the build-up with this lemon rinser. Throw in lemon rinds to boiling water and let it steep for several minutes. Allow to cool completely and then strain. After shampooing, use this solution to rinse your hair in the shower.

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