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How To Get Ready ASAP In The Morning

Are you one who always struggles to get ready in the morning?

Being ladies ourselves, we understand how being fashionably late is sometimes all right (and oftentimes unavoidable). Though, let’s face it – being late is not exactly a great thing; especially if one does it on a daily basis and during the mornings!

The good news is that all that can be avoided with some careful planning and strategising. Below are some tips and tricks that will hopefully help you avoid manic morning rushes.

1. Attire-wise

While planning your OOTD (outfit of the day) the night before might seem sufficient, it is actually highly recommended to set out all of your clothes for the week instead. This will save you some precious morning time, and avert any possible wardrobe malfunctions.

Another useful suggestion is to prep emergency outfit sets during your free time – setting aside OOTD combinations where you can easily slip into without second thoughts will be extremely helpful for times when you’re just too tired to be bothered. For some foolproof OOTD ideas, click here.

2. Shower-wise

If you know that you have to get up extra early the next day (e.g. 5.45am), why not opt for taking a good, long shower the night before. By doing this, you can just wake up, get your hair styled, makeup done, put on your already laid out outfit, spray on some perfume, and voila – you’re ready to roll!

3. Makeup-wise

Woke up extraordinarily late and have no time to do a full-face makeup? Slapping on some concealer and red lipstick will do the trick!

In addition to that, it’s best to get ready a simple and portable makeup pouch. You can use this to enhance your look (if needed) during breaks over the day.

4. Hair-wise

If you’re running out of time to do a complete ‘wash, blowdry and style’ ritual for your hair, just focus on the bangs and leave the rest to air dry after a quick blow.

Alternatively, master a simple updo – you can thank us and tutorials for this tip later!

5. Packing-wise

It is important to pack your working bags or handbags the night before and place them at visible areas that are on your way out. This helps prevent you from panicking if you are unable to find anything.

6. Breakfast-wise

Plan your meals (breakfasts and packed up lunches) a night before, and make sure that the food is kept at a very visible part in the fridge. It is also recommended to leave eating breakfasts to the last part of your morning routine, because it generally drags out your time.

If you have not noticed, the golden rule to being fast and efficient in the morning is to utilise the night before; which is why planning your morning routines and laying out your clothes for the day could earn yourself extra 30 minutes of sleeping in!

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