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Eye Want Candy: Kim Woo Bin

Whilst undergoing withdrawal symptoms from the ending of Korean drama series ‘The Heirs’ (which also stars our Eye Want Candy Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk), we take a look at one of the show’s hottest actors – Kim Woo Bin!

Who is this ‘Kim Woo Bin’?

Born on July 16, 1989, Kim Hyun Joong, or better known by his stage name, Kim Woo Bin, is a South Korean actor and model. The charismatic man’s shot to fame begun when he debuted as a runway model in 2009. Since then, this charismatic individual has since appeared in prêt-à-porter and Seoul Fashion Week collections until present.

In 2011, Kim Woo Bin decided to venture into the acting biz and starred in the mystery drama White Christmas and the sitcom, Vampire Idol. Having a natural knack for acting, he proceeded to take on roles in A Gentlemen’s Dignity, School 2013 and the well-received The Heirs. As fate would have it, this Korean stud is now one of the most famous actors.

5 Reasons to Scream ‘Eye Want Kim Woo Bin!’

5. His ‘Bad Boy’ Acting Charm!

Perhaps it’s his intense gaze or alluring facial structures, but KimWoo Bin is certainly an actor who plays the ‘bad boy’ roles well.

His recent performances have gotten rave reviews. One of the best praises come from the SBS broadcasting rep, where it is explained that antagonist roles (such as the one he plays in The Heirs) hold a high risk because viewers might start to hate the actor. Nonetheless, Kim Woo Bin Kim Woo Bin has done so fine of a job playing the role that people love him, despite his role as the bad guy.

4. ‘Kim Woo Bin’ Is Not Really His Real Name!

As some of you might know, Kim Woo Bin is actually a stage name – this looker’s name is actually Kim Hyun Joong. However, he doesn’t like to be called by his real name because he would be confused with SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and actor Kim Hyung Joon.

As confessed by the man himself: “I was called by Kim Hyun Joong for over 20 years. I never thought I was going to be called differently. I asked my friends to give me suggestions and my agency CEO suggested the name Kim Woo Bin and I liked it.”

3. He’s A Ramyun Lover!

Just like his character in The Heirs, Kim Woo Bin is a ramen lover! In fact, he loves this dish up till the point of wanting to make a commercial for it.

“Even though I haven’t yet had any offers for a ramyun commercial, I really want to do one. I love ramyun so much; I am confident that no matter how much I eat, I would not throw up. That’s how passionate I am about it,” shares Kim Woo Bin in a TV Daily interview.

2. He Can Give You A Morning Call!

The good-looking Korean actor has provided a great gift for his fans – a series of video clips of him performing morning call services! Whether it’s a bad boy persona or a high school kid version; take your pick:

The man is equally cute (perhaps even cuter) in the bloopers too!

1. His Prominent Eyebrows… and Hot Body!

We don’t know about you, but we personally feel that Kim Woo Bin has a pair of really prominent eyebrows – they’re honestly beautifully arched and thick. Don’t you think so?

And we reckon that the makers of The Heirs must have the same thought as us, because the line “Put your phone away, and put your eyebrows down.” was directed to him in the drama.


We won’t lie – we had a great laugh from the scene! Oh, and don’t let us get started with his body.

What you’ll need to make your man look like Kim Woo Bin.

Formal attire: Well-fitted and dapper suits, white collared shirt, ties.

Casual attire: Plain tops (shirts or button-up), sweaters, fitted dark jeans, fashionable jackets.

Accessories: Watch, occasional ring and bracelet, great hairstyles, prominent eyebrows and a hot body!

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