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Tried & Tested: Stila Color Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set

The most wonderful time of the year has just been made even better for lip-plumping enthusiast – thank you Stila for this awesome lip glaze set!

Named as Color Me Glossy, this holiday collection carries nine Stila lip glazes in the brand’s iconic click pens. Be they creamy or shimmery, the lip glaze shades range from luscious red, sweet pinks and neutral nudes.

Truth be told, this is one collection that’s especially apt for the gifting season.

Packed in sets of three trios, it simply has ‘perfect gift idea!’ stamped all over it. Whether you’re planning to give it as a whole in the box, in sets of three; or even use them individually as stocking stuffers; the possibilities are really endless! As a matter of fact, they even readily come with their own gift tag!

We did a swatch of this Christmas gem:

The swatches were done with two layers each per colour. As noticed, the  Stia’s lip glazes gives will indefinitely give wearers a glossy tint on their lips – perfect for those who love to put on glistening pouts! The texture is quite sticky and thick, which may be why they’re quite long-wearing.

We personally find the lighter colors like Strawberry Cream and Persimmon quite sheer on their own – so we’d recommended these babies for layering purposes. As for the darker shades, such as Dazzleberry and Passion Fruit, the end result was quite opposite from the former – they are quite pigmented and pack a hefty colour punch.

There is one thing that you should be wary of though – you would either love or hate the glazes’ scent. While we honestly love this collection to bits, we must warn you that some of them smell kind of like cough syrup. Worry not though, because the scent dissipates fairly fast.

To sum it up, Stila made this collection with intentions for it to be loved. Whether you, or the person you aim to give it to, are looking for a statement pout or a subtle lip tint; Color Me Glossy’s creamy or shimmery tones will do the trick. What more can you ask from a Christmas collection!

Priced at RM85, the Stila Color Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set is now available in Sephora outlets nationwide.

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