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Great Hairdos For Christmas By Uniqlo

Looking for a hairstyle that will get you from dinner to party this Christmas? Uniqlo has some cool ideas for you.

You’ve got your dresses set and lingerie to match, now don’t forget about your hair!

Recently, we stumbled upon the Uniqlo Hairdo DIY tutorial and what a gem of a resource it is! If you have seen the Japanese brand’s F/W 2013 collection, you would have noticed some covetable and sleek hairstyles on the models. Well, Uniqlo has put up a gallery of step-by-step process on how you can recreate each hair style at home.

These are our top three picks for the festivities. To see the pictorial instructions for each step, log onto the Uniqlo site.

The Kristy Bow

So much win for this one! It’s like crafting a ribbon from your hair. This hairstyle is particularly great for big celebration that can get sizzling and hot, i.e. the office dinner party with drinks at the club afterwards.


  1. Comb hair into a side part.
  2. Pull hair into a side ponytail and hold with hair band.
  3. Split hair length into two.
  4. Roll one section into centre and secure with hair band.
  5. Roll remaining hair length into centre.
  6. Secure with hair clip.

The Lily Pony

We’re loving this classic ponytail that will always be in style. For those looking to show off your lustrous locks while giving out a hint of sexiness, this one completes the look very well.


  1. Use hair spray whilst brushing the hair.
  2. Pull the hair high on top of the head.
  3. Secure the ponytail with a hair band.
  4. Take a section of hair and wrap it around the band.
  5. Secure the wrapped hair with a clip.

The Kristy Roll

Let’s take a walk back down memory lane with a twist on the classic rolls. There’s just something sassy and elegant about this hairstyle. Wear it for a dinner with the in-laws or even girlfriends.


  1. Comb hair into a side part.
  2. Begin roll at side and fasten with hair clips.
  3. Continue roll until you reach the back of the head and fasten with hair clip.
  4. Roll the other side of the hair into the nape and fasten with hair clip.
  5. Finish style with a tail comb.

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