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8 Creative & Cool Gift Wrapping Ideas

Right, the buying presents part should be sorted already and now, onto the gift wrapping!

Whether you love it or hate it, gift wrapping is an essential part of a well-thought out present. Some of us are born with the knack of wrapping up beautifully while others need a little help with the process.

Now to assist everyone out in the spirit of gifting, here are eight wonderful ideas which you can utilise for any occasion:

Pixel Weave 

Remember the friendship band craze back in the day? Well, this is sort of like weaving your own bracelet but instead, you’re adding patterns to a plain wrapping paper. Check out how to use different materials like rubber bands, yarn, ribbons or embroidery floss in the instructions by Brit + Co here.


Cupcake Paper Carnations

Got a baker friend you want to impress? This cute idea from Martha Stewart makes for a great sweet topper to your beautifully wrapped pressie. Create the fluffy bloom with paper of different sizes.

Brown Paper

The key to making your present special and standout lies in the details. Brown paper as a wrapping paper gives off a rustic warming charm; you can use the paper and decorate with a variety of add-ons like the above. From left to right: Origami Bows, Fragrant Leaves, Washi Tapes, Music Sheets + Doilies and Photo Printout.

Message Tag 

If you’ve decided to give the gift of vouchers or any other sort of coupons, get creative with the packaging. Print or stamp out a special message to your recipient and dress up with scrap of fabric for a personal touch as seen on Oh Hello Friend.

Fabric Lace

Perhaps, one of the most easiest way to spruce up an ordinary wrapping paper is to add on a layer of sexy fabric lace. This idea found on A Beautiful Mess is seriously easy to pull off with little effort.

Glossy Flora & Newsprint

This is the ultimate in recycling your old magazines, catalogues, newspaper, etc. Find pages with interesting subjects and pictures as the wrapping paper while use colourful pieces to create the rosette topping. Instructions can be found here.

Map + Ribbon

There’s a bit of traveller in all of us. With GPS technology these days, you might have a few old maps lying around somewhere. Utilise it to wrap your presents and finish with a single colour ribbon. Voila! Pic credited to Easter Kiwi.

Scarves/ Fabric Wrap

Taking a cue from the Japanese tradition of furoshiki, this is an eco-friendly gift wrap option. Instead of the traditional wrapping paper, this one involves wrapping gifts in beautiful cloth which can be used over and over again. Pic credited to The Thrifty Mama.

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