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Eye Want Candy: Adam Levine

Venusbuzz thinks Adam Levine is the real modern day Adam as he makes us scream: ‘More Adam, please!’

Who is this Adam?

Adam Noah Levine, 33, is best known as Maroon5’s frontman. With the band, he has created hits from ‘This Love’ to the latest and very sexy, ‘Moves Like Jagger’. His singing/songwriting career has brought him to become one of today’s most well-known male celebrities with a long list of high-profile collaborations and millions of albums sold. His style and swagger has undoubtedly created a buzz too – including his brow-raising Vogue nude fashion spread with Russian model girlfriend Anna Vyalitsyna. Last year, Adam ventured into talent reality TV show with ‘The Voice’ where he is one of the mentors. His protégé, Javier Colon, eventually won the first season.

6 Reasons to scream ‘EYE WANT ADAM!’:

6. Tattoos and toned body

You either love or hate body art, but with a toned bod like Adam’s – how can you not love the tattoos rummaging his bulging biceps? The tattoos range from plethora of flowers, peace signs to remember 911, and a huge tiger. The tattoos have not done any favours when it comes to Adam’s girlfriend’s mum, unfortunately (or fortunately for you groupies?). “The tattoos were a concern – her mom didn’t love them. They’re culturally accepted here, but it’s different in Russia.” said Adam. The total opposite it is when it comes to his own mom – as Adam tattooed ‘MOM’ on his arm.

5. The musician charm

Musicians have a special certain charm; such notion will never be cliché  as long as the artsy side of human is still in existence. Adam Levine is indeed a musician, a frontman no less! His raunchy and rather high-pitched vocal makes him a distinctive singer, puts him outside the typical boyband voice box. He can be seen rocking the guitar or drums during Maroon5 gigs and also reality show The Voice.

4. He gives no s*it when voicing out

An active tweep that he is, Adam often creates controversies with his sharp tweets. “Dear Fox News, don’t play our music on your evil [f—ing] channel ever again. Thank you.” he tweeted in October 2011. Such is nothing new to Adam Levine who has never been afraid to voice out his opinions. He previously slammed American Idol for their treatment to gay contestants. Prior to the 2011 MTV VMA’s he also made a scene by saying MTV should never ‘pretend to care about music‘.

3. He does not turn into Kardashians after being in a reality show

Music fans were thrown off a bit when Adam decided to jump on board The Voice and become one of the mentor panel on the show. Was it a sign of him turning into publicly loathed moneymakers? Well, he proved all of them wrong. “I’m not a fan of singing competitions,” admits Levine. “I never have been. But there was something that rang true with The Voice.” The reality show is indeed anything but bombastic, no slapstick jokes, no sensational judge comments. Its success has brought back the second season coming next month. Let’s all hope it stays true to the idealistic premise.

2. Adam Levine loves Malaysia

Maroon5 made a stop in Kuala Lumpur on 29 April 2011. Despite the non sold-out concert tickets, the crowd was completely taken in – with fans jumping off their seats for the entire 90 minutes show. Adam showed his brilliant showmanship – energetic moves, pick-up lines to awe the ladies, and even attempts to speak in Bahasa Melayu. The crowd well respected his intervention to the front rowers who were fighting for the best watching spot. After all, Adam showed his love for Kuala Lumpur: “Wow. Other than little shadiness with security…a flawless night in Kuala Lumpur! Thank you!!!” – @adamlevine via Twitter.

1. ‘I’ve just rolled out of bed and look like this’

Although his slim-fitting tuxedos and pointy leather shoes are mind-blowing, he is at his best donning just black and white tees with jeans. Adam has beautifully metamorphosed since his rather thick hair days on ‘This Love’ and skinny body into a man with dreamy hair and a manly figure. It doesn’t hurt that he enjoys being naked too.

What you’ll need to make your man look like Adam Levine:

– Skinny slacks that are not too tight

– Oliver People’s Hollis Sunnies

– A slim-fit tuxedo

– Effortless jeans (think Nudie Jeans and 7 for All Mankind)

– Thin white t-shirt

– Basic v-neck black t-shirt

– Gauntlet of tattoos

For the complete guide, look no further.

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