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Be a Medalist in the Selfie Olympics 2014

Ever dreamed of being in the Olympics but just never really got up from that sofa? Well, you won’t have to anymore.

You don’t have to leave your house to be an Olympian. Just stretch your arm muscles, manoeuvre and hover your smartphone at the most optimum position (usually facing a mirror, or in reverse mode from a higher angle)…and press that picture button with all the agility and flexibility your fingers – or toes, can muster.

After ‘Selfie’ was named the word of the year in 2013, it seemed to have validated this attention-seeking behaviour the world over..that the time has come to make a sport out of it. Behold, the Selfie Olympics 2014.

Everything for the shot

With a tagline of “How strong is your selfie game?”, the Selfie Olympics is all about who has the funniest or goofiest selfie which has resulted in (mostly) teens who continue to push the boundaries of what’s considered “funny” to snap that one picture that could make it to the Selfie Olympics, regardless of how dangerous (both physically and emotionally) it could possibly be.

The Twitter account already has over 100,000 followers to date and uses the hashtag #SelfieOlympics to post up the pictures that have successfully made it to the Games, but take note: performance enhancing gear is not allowed.

Just like the actual games, there are participants from all over the world. However, there are no prizes or medals – just  bragging rights and 1-second of fame.

Whether it be using your top to literally hang out, to creating elaborate set ups in your own bedroom, or just climbing and balancing on the top of your doors, it’s absolutely free to take part – except for maybe a bit of dignity. But who cares, YOLO.

Just like other teen fads such as planking and Batmanning, the Selfie Olympics requires a certain type of special, and we just hope it doesn’t turn ugly soon.

Source: The Independent, Twitter, Facebook

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