Eye Want Candy: Kang Gary

He ‘runs,’ raps and is coming to KL for LeeSsang’s first showcase in Asia – Kang Gary is in the house as our Eye Want Candy of the week!

Born February 24, 1978, Kang Hee-gun, or better known by his stage name Kang Gary, is a South Korean rapper, lyricist, entertainer, television personality and restaurateur. Founder and one half of the hip-hop duo, LeeSsang, Gary is also well known for his prominent presence in the hit reality show, Running Man.

5 Reasons Why We Love Kang Gary.

5. He was a smurf!

Yes, this rapper was once a smurf. But no, we don’t mean those mini blue characters that reside in mushrooms.

In 1996, Gary kickstarted his career as member of music dance group called ‘Smurfs.’ The group released their first album entitled ‘Smurph’ in December 1996, but Gary had moved on to X-Teen in the following year.

4. ‘Ugly’ but produce beautiful music.

While this might sound a tad bit mean, the truth is that LeeSsang has often been regarded as “ugly,” especially in variety shows they appear in. Nonetheless, the rapping duo make beautiful music and prove that looks are not everything – their concerts and performances have often garnered rave reviews. In fact, there are instances where tickets to their shows are sold out within 3 minutes from sale time!

3. He can be bad boy and nice kid.

If you’ve watched Running Man, you’d have an impression that Kang Gary is a nerdy, nice and very likeable oppa. Come on now, just look at him!

However, just take a look at him outside the reality show and you’d be surprised. With intriguing tattoos, styled hair and a fashion sense full of swag; Kang Gary effortlessly transforms into a very cool rapper!

Oh yes, we are truly amazed at how this man can pull of two looks so smoothly. And whether you’re a fan of his good boy look in Running Man or prefer his cool bad boy aura, any fan of him would know how much of a good guy Kang Gary is!

2. His physical abilities.

While Gary is not exactly a big man, he has a very fit and athletic body. This is due to the long-term fitness regimen he’s followed throughout the years. And that’s not all – the hip-hop musician actually has a degree in Security and Protective Services  and has also competed as a boxer in the past!

Such strength and precision! This is certainly a man that you’d feel safe with eh.

1. Look at him move!

Even with all his tough, physical abilities, this man is pretty smooth on the dance floor.

Yup, we rest our case!

What you’ll need to make your man look like Kang Gary.

Formal: dark-coloured two-piece suit (casual fit), bow-tie (occasional), leather shoes and vest

Casual attire: Simple t-shirt (printed or plain), plain or checkered tops, low-waist fitted dark jeans, leather jacket

Accessories: Snapback hat, sunglasses, watch, rapping talents and the ability to groove!

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