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How To Remove Nail Polish Naturally

For days when you run out of nail polish remover or when you decide to forego the harsh chemicals in one, this is an alternative you can try.

Commercial brands of nail polish removers often contain acetone and other dangerous chemicals. This can be too harsh on delicate nails and dangerous when inhaled.

Hence, it is better to remove nail polish naturally to reduce your chemical exposure. Try these simple alternatives the next time you want to go back to bare:

Hot Water

The most natural way to remove polish is to soften it with hot water.

How-to: Heat a bowl of water in a microwave or on the stove. Test the temperature to be sure it’s at a level that you are able to tolerate. Then immerse your hands in the bowl of hot water soaking for around 15 minutes. After the polish softens, gently scrape it off.

Vinegar & Citrus Juice

This is a natural remover that is gentle on fragile nails. Vinegar and citrus have acidic substances that can break down nail polish and make it easier to be wiped off.

How-to: Squeeze the juice from various citric fruits like lemon or lime into a bowl and mix a small amount of vinegar. Put a cotton ball in the mixture and saturate your fingernails. This process may take a bit longer to remove the polish fully.

Hand Sanitiser

The content of a hand sanitiser can be used to effectively take off the polish.

How-to: Put a couple of drops of hand sanitiser onto a clean, dry cloth and wipe down the nails until all of the nail polish is removed. You may require more than one application to remove all of the polish.

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