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10 Best Kangkung Memes of 2014

Say what you want about Kangkung Gate that just struck Malaysia’s online space (and even gone international), we’re in stitches at the creativity of our fellow countrymen!

So you might have seen it on your Twitter or Facebook, and were probably wondering why has the humble vegetable become mainstream in just one day (it even has a fan page on Facebook). Well if you want to know why, read this.

What we’re impressed is with is the creativity of Malaysians as a response to the whole thing:

First, it made an appearance on Wikipedia – which makes it, official.

And if Kangkung was a legit form of currency, we would all be paying by ‘ikats‘..

With one of a kind ATM machines in the whole world

The good news is that the cost of Kangkung ciggies would go down

And we’d all be having healthier tea breaks – bye bye fatty pisang goreng!

After the successful International Year of Quinoa 2013, we reckon 2014 is time for the kangkung to shine.

We’d pay Psy to parody Kangkung Style for promotional tourism purposes, along with other big ticket performers

And even comedians will get in on the act

With our very own “Sweet Brown” moment

But most of all, let’s just remember to chill out and go green in 2014!

Hope you enjoyed that, we’re off to look for some kangkung belachan!

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