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Future Beauty: 3D Printed ‘Nail Jewellery’ Manicure

Why spend time painstakingly painting on your own manicure, when you can get an awesome 3D design printed?

With 3D printing paving the way for fashion, it’s only natural that this piece of technology would find its way to the world of beauty – and no we’re not talking about slapping some 3D lipstick on.

Think 3D-printed fingernails for futuristic finger candy in bright colours and interesting shapes by New York brand The Laser Girls.

Using dyed nylon, digital artists Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford feature three-dimensional geometric patterns on the surface of these synthetic nails which are designed to be “nail jewellery”.

They’ve even got a manicure + ring combination which could very well be the future in terms of marrying both fashion and beauty together as one pretty baby!

Now they don’t come cheap, the cheapest start at USD30 (approximately RM100) for a set of 10 and are not meant to be used for extended wear (maximum 3 to 5 days).

While they don’t mention if it’s reusable, we reckon these are meant to be used like false lashes with the option to apply it using nail glue or thin mounting tape for special occasions.

Follow The Laser Girls on Instagram for more updates, and check out the online store to purchase.

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