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Tutorial: Shu Uemura x PaperSelf for Valentine’s Day

Add a dash of romance with these gorgeous delicate paperlashes and let your eyes do the talking 

When you think Valentine’s Day, you typically think pink and all that girly goodness but Shu Uemura’s take on romance with the Calligraph: Ink Spring 2014 eyeshadows and PaperSelf collaboration will set you apart from the rest.

In this romantic look done by Shu Uemura’s elite makeup artist Lisa Yap, she played with shades of tangerine and shimmery golds as the backdrop to the striking black paperlashes which evokes a feeling of a beautiful sunset or the flutter of wings from a Monarch butterfly.

Now, Shu Uemura is famous for its Tokyo lash bar and unrivalled eyelash curlers, so let’s talk about the lastest collaboration: the Shu Uemura x PaperSelf lashes. There are two designs, Cupid Angel and Love Lasts Forever. Intricately laser cut paper designs, one features three cupids ready at the aim on a single eyelash, and the other features the word ‘Love’ on one eye and ‘Forever’ on the other eye, with rose and heart motifs.

The important thing to note is that with all false lashes, you will need to trim them down to fit your eye shape. However, I would recommend using only 1/3 of each lash to be placed on the end of your lash line for a more wearable look. That’s not to say these lashes won’t look great used in its entirety, but it will look more theatrical.

For this tutorial, Lisa used the Cupid Angel paperlashes on me, and let’s see how easy it is to get this Spring-fresh look:

Step 1: Lisa first shaped my eyebrows by tweezing away stray hairs (which can be done in store for RM35), and filled it the eyebrow in a modern shape using the Hard 9 pencil in Acorn.

Step 2: Using the Medium Brown (S 853) shade, Lisa applied this shade on the socket and half of the outer eyelid to create the illusion of bigger, deep set eyes

Step 3: She applied Vermillion (ME 252) which is a nice warm orange eyeshadow, and dabbed that all over the remaining part of the lid starting from the inner corner. Do not apply above the eye socket.

Step 4: Using the darkest shade which is Dark Brown (S 884) and a smaller tipped brush, she used this to shade in the outer ‘V’ shape and blended it in.


Step 5: Using the same dark brown shade, line the outer edge of your lower lash line one third of the way from the outer corner. This will give you the illusion of wider eyes.

Step 6: Next, use the shimmery beige (G 821) to highlight the inner corner and the rest of the lower lash line until you reach the dark brown shade.

Step 7: Curl your lashes!

Step 8: Using the ah-may-zing Calligraph: Ink Liquid Eye Liner (I have this at home, and it is by far the best pen liner I have used), and draw a medium line with a slight flick at the end to elongate your eye shape.


Step 9: Apply Mascara Length and Waterproof in Jet Black.

Step 10: Using Light Beige (S 815), apply as a highlighter under your brow bone.

For the pièce de résistance, apply the Shu Uemura PaperSelf Valentine’s Day lashes. First, you’ll want to snip the lashes to fit onto your eyes. For this look, Lisa snapped off one third of the lash – so in this case, we will be using one Cupid on each eye.

Next, apply a thin layer of the Shu Uemura lash glue, and using tweezers, place it as close to the lash line as possible at the outer corner of your eye. Adjust accordingly until it looks perfect, and gently press the lashes upward so you can see the pattern clearly. Et voilà! Pretty, fluttery eyes! Blink blink away!

For the rest of the look, finish off with a Coral blusher (P 560), lipstick (M 944) and gloss ( CR 10S).

The Calligraph: Ink collection is currently available in stores. The pressed eyeshadows are priced at RM60 each, the Liquid Eye Liner (RM130) and refills (RM65), and the Paperlashes are RM90 per pair. If you like the look, you can head on to the Shu Uemura store and have a makeup artist do the look for you for RM150 (not including eyelashes which will need to be purchased).  For more information, visit the Shu Uemura Facebook page.

Happy Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to treat yourself extra special this Friday  <3

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