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Top 8 Reasons Why You’ve Been Unfollowed On Twitter

If the number of your Twitter followers are constantly decreasing, then honey – it’s not them, it’s you.

Social media has become a significant part of most of our lives – which makes sense as to why one would be affected when he or she gets unfollowed on Twitter. However, whether you admit it or not, the fact is that most of these unfollows are prompted by your own actions.

To clarify ourselves on what we just said, here are some of the top reasons why people unfollow a person on Twitter.

1. The top reason for unfollowing a person in Twitter is simply because the user is being too noisy and producing a lot of spam. Meaning that if you have a habit of constantly tweeting minute after minute, it’s time to say hello to Twitter loneliness.

2. Following spaming and an influx of tweets, most people also don’t like it when self-promotion is the purpose of the Twitter account.

3. The egg icon. Take a look at your Twitter profile, is the avatar still the unhatched egg? If yes, please do yourself a favour and change it. Let’s just put it this way: Why would a person want to follow someone who doesn’t even put effort into completing their Twitter profile?

4. It is neither safe nor great to keep on tweeting about your Foursquare and check-in activites.

5. To all you hashtag abusers out there, #please #stop #doing #this. Your followers find the habit annoying and pointless.

6. Another pet peeve of most Twitter users are grammar correctors. Whether it’s in real life of on the Twitterverse, nobody likes a grammar guru being corrected.

7. According to a study, approximately 21% would unfollow an individual if there are no conversational tweets. Come on now folks, it’s a social media platform – go forth and socialise.

8. Last but not least, being sad all day long and constantly asking for retweets are also big no-nos. When you post about how bad your life or situation is 24/7, it’s only a matter of time your followers get fed up.

Do you have any other legit reasons to unfollow a person on Twitter? Do share with us by commenting below!

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