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Bimajo: Beautiful Witches That Have Defied Aging

In Japan, calling someone a beautiful witch isn’t fact, it’s a compliment!

In recent weeks, this photo of three beautiful women and three little babies have been making its round on social networks. What’s so special, you may ask? Well, at first glance it may look like three sisters or a bunch of friends and their children but in actual fact, it’s a photo showing three generations in a single family!

Can you guess who the grandmother is?

She’s the one on the far right! Kazuko Inoue is what you may call a bimajo (beautiful witch) which means an entrancing woman over 35 who looks younger than her years in Japanese.


She’s 42-years old, and the photo shows her with her two daughters and three grandchildren but you’d be none the wiser considering how youthful they all look! If you’re wondering how this is possible, she had her first baby at 19 and her children have followed suit in getting married and reproducing at a young age.

A believer of natural beauty, Kazuko advices women to, “Always be grateful for what you have, and let your inner beauty show.

A bevy of Bimajo beauties

It seems that in Japan, there is a pageant dedicated to these beauties called the Kansai Bimajo beauty pageant, and Kazuko was crowned the winner in 2013.

The pageant typically consists of a Halloween-themed walk for contestants to show off their assets, followed by a speech and finally a swimsuit section.

There is no doubt that the whole purpose of the contest is to tap into a lucrative anti-aging segment but if it encourages women to live healthier and feel better – why not? After all, life only begins at 30 and women, like fine wine..only get better with age!

What do you think?

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