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Single Parents – Where To Seek Help & Support

Parenting is tough, even more so when it is just a single parent. Take heart, help is available.

Here at VenusBuzz.com, we’ve had request for assistance and support from single parent numerous times since an article about a charity gala dinner for single parents was published.

Where do we go? What am I supposed to do? My children and I need support…Can you help?

The plight of single parent is one that is no fault of their own, rather they are victims of circumstances. Single parents are truly a forgotten segment of society. They suffer pain and poverty in silence, as social stigma is often a challenge they face.

Truth is, single parents need our support whether emotionally or financially. It is good to let them know that they are not alone in their struggles and help is available. It is possible for them to give themselves and their kids a better life.

Below are some organisations, which offer assistance to single parents:

Parents Without Partners (PwP)

This social enterprise is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of impoverished single parents. They are open to helping any single mothers, fathers and legal guardians (e.g. grandparents). PwP also runs the community outreach initiative Jumble Station, where trash is turned into cash. Contact co-founder, Mary Anne Tan (manyants[at]gmail.com) for enquiries.

Jumble Station

This recycling centre in Subang Jaya collects stuff that people don’t have any use for anymore such as electrical items, clothes, collectibles/antiques, books, furniture, etc. PwP will then distribute these items at Jumble Station to poor single parents; those that are not needed by them will be sold at very affordable prices with the money going towards supporting the shop as well as single parents.

Recently, PwP teamed up with The School at Jaya One to set up a permanent recycling centre such as Jumble Station in the enrichment mall, which is slated to open in April. The public can drop off their recyclable items to help generate funds for single parents.


A list of single mothers associations in the Klang Valley and their contact information is listed here where women can go seek the needed support. There are also empowering articles, ideas and tools available on site to help single mums get back on their feet again.

People Giving

The People Giving Association is dedicated to create public awareness on the concept of ‘giving’ and to help raise funds for NGOs and NPOs. They are currently running the “Second Chance” programme where single mothers, the underprivileged and orphans can apply to work and learn for a duration of six months at Le Meridien KL with the possibility of a permanent job thereafter.

If you have any other resources or associations that you would like to share with others, drop us a comment and we’ll add to the list. Thank you!

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