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Delicious Detox Plans To Try Around The Klang Valley

It’s time to go green, or go home!

Okay, perhaps that is a bit too harsh but honestly speaking, it’s high time we took a break from all the café-hopping and eggs-celent meals around town and give our body a rest to regenerate and revive itself. In case you don’t see a necessity to go on a detox, allow us to explain how it will benefit you with this piece.

And while it might sound hard and harsh for some (trust us when we say that we get you!), going on a detox isn’t all that hard – provided that you pick a delicious one!

We’ve sourced the internet high and low for a few places that offer you yummy detox plans. The best part? They deliver straight to your doorstep Here are a few detox plans to try around The Klang Valley.

Lifestyle Juicery 

This is approved! Essentially a full-blown juice cleanse program, Lifestyle Juicery’s wide variety of programs are suited for those who are new or seasoned to this sort of cleansing. The brand specializes in making fruits and vege juices that are cold, slow-pressed, raw and you can pick between a four day or six day cleanse. To read about one of our contributor’s review on the cleanse, click here. Price starts from: RM699 for a 4-day package.

The Organic Juicery My 

Also operating as a juice cleanse, The Organis Juicery My is one other option for cold-pressed and all-natural fruit and vege juice. With ingredients that range from apple, pineapple, mint, kale, cucumber, parsley to romaine, the Organic Juicery My offers delivery and pick up options and even have one day detox options!

Delicious Detox Delivery 

If you’re not really keen on doing a juice-only cleanse, this is your best option! Delicious Detox Delivery offers detox packages that caters to your breakfast, lunch and dinners with smoothies, soups and food that are delicious, raw and mostly organic. Yes, food! Their meals are free from dairy, gluten and meat and do not contain additives or caffeine – truly a combination that will detox, heal and boost the wellness of your body, mind and soul! Price starts from RM650 for a 7-day package.

BONUS: Strip Juice 

If you’re not ready to go on a full-blown plan, Strip Juice is one great option! Also cold-pressed and –all-natural, the brand sells pomegranate, orange and grapefruits by per bottle and offer delivery to those who reside at Mont Kiara, Hartamas, Damansara Heights, TTDI and Bangsar. Whether as a substitute for breakfast, lunch or dinner or as a partner to your diet, we’re quite certain that these delicious babies would keep you healthy and happy! Priced at RM23 per bottle.

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