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Twin Towers Alive 2014: Performance Schedule, Fanzone Pass, Map and App

[ UPDATE 25/3/2014: Twin Towers Alive 2014 Cancelled! ]


All you need to know about the Twin Towers Alive 2014 Concert that’s happening this Friday and Saturday! 

In case you have not realised, there will be an influx of very influential stars this week — the Laureus Awards will be bringing in the Beckham family, Jamie Foxx and Benedict Cumberbatch, while the Twin Towers Alive 2014 Concert will be playground to several talented music powerhouses! And since the former is an event that’s invitation-only, we’re especially glad for the later.

We previously broke the news that Rain and Christina Aguilera will be performing at Twin Towers Alive 2014, but it turns out that that’s those two are just the leading edge.

Lifehouse, Rick Astley, Craig David and Sam Dowden Trio will also be rocking you guys out! As for local acts, you’d be glad to know that Joe Flizzow, Altimet, SonaOne, Ila Damiaa, Irama, DJ Biggie, Oh Chentaku and DJ High Tech will be part of the concert lineup.

Coinciding with the Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix, the free concert will be happening on March 28 and 27 2014 at Plaza Petronas. The performance schedule is as such:

The event is set to start at 6pm, but doors will be open at 5pm. As for the event map, the organisers have posted in their Facebook page that it would be like so:

If you’d like to skip the crowd and be a little closer to your favourite stars, perhaps you can consider getting the FanZone Pass. By purchasing selected PETRONAS Motorsports merchandise at the Petronas Malaysia Grand Prox Showcase in KLCC (Esplanade section), or online via the PETMOS e-store. Each purchase that’s above RM500 will entitle you to two FanZone passes. For more details on this, click here.

To keep up with this exciting concert, you can either give their Facebook Page a like, or download the ‘TT Alive’ app.

Oh, words cannot describe our excitement and anticipation to catch a glimpse of (a hopefully topless) Eye Want Candy Rain and sing along with Christina Aguilera, Lifehouse and the others! See you all there folks

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