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Adorable Photos of Mom & Daughter in Yoga Poses

What we love about yoga is that anyone can do it regardless of race, gender and..age!

More importantly, it’s something the whole can family can really get into as a fun fitness and bonding activity, and Laura Kasperzak’s family is a testament to that.

Besides promoting health and mental wellness, the 36-year old yoga instructor based in the United States and mother of two has been practicing yoga for 17 years, often involving her family in her daily practices – and the rest of the world approves.

To date, she has over 800,000 followers on Instagram who can’t get enough of the photos of both Laura and her adorable daughter in yoga poses that are completely inspiring.

And the girls aren’t the only one who practice yoga in this family – Laura’s husband and son are also yoga practitioners and you know what they say, the family that works out together, stays together!

Laura has also created a website with a friend called TwoFitMoms which is a website and movement dedicated to providing guidance and tips on yoga, fitness, nutrition, wellness and healthy living.

What are your thoughts? Is this a family activity that you could get into?

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