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5 Ways How Social Media Negatively Affects You

While social media seems to be the way the world connects these days, it can affect you in more ways than one according to these researches. 

Social media makes you want to spend more money

Research says that if you’re a heavy social media user, you may experience a lower self-control. Something which marketing experts believe could influence behaviour and lead to higher spending. With the many pages or brands that you follow religiously on Facebook, Instagram and such, you may buy into the thinking that you need or want a particular product more than you actually do.

Social media can alter your appetite

Studies suggest that looking at “food porn” photos can make us fat. These visual indulgences apparently increase our food craving and instantly trigger us to consume more than our normal portions. Some women also reported that they do not feel satisfied even after eating a full meal when they look at these food images.

Social media gets you to bow to peer pressure

Social media users are more likely to be influenced by peer pressure or popularity. A study from HP Labs found participants were more prone to changing their minds about a particular post after enough time have passed and they see that the other post was moderately more popular.

Social media makes you feel bad

Researchers from two German universities discovered that social media could leave users with a negative experience. One in three Facebook users reported feelings of envy, misery and loneliness after skimming through photos of friends’ life successes. The frustration came from users comparing themselves socially to their friends and feeling dissatisfied over the lack of attention from having fewer comments, likes and feedback.

Social media drives your addiction

Social media users rely strongly on mobile phones and thus, most people do develop an unhealthy attachment to wanting to always be in the know. A study from University of Virginia showed students to be particularly affected by this addiction. It appears like we’re connected but without an authentic connection with each other.

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