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Awesome! Café Built Like A Giant Vintage Camera In South Korea

No matter how much you love coffee and photography, there’s still a chance that you don’t love it as much as the family running the giant vintage camera cafe in South Korea.

What you see on top is not a photoshoped image, nor is it a decorative statue. It is a full-fledged and working cafe!

Located in the scenic countryside of YangPyung County (about 40 miles far from Seoul), 꿈꾸는 사진기 ( ‘Cafe Dreamy’) is a coffee shop that takes on the shape of a Rolleiflex twin lens camera.

The idea behind this quirky café comes from an Army aviation helicopter pilot who obviously has a huge passion for photography. Long been a dream of his, the man finally turned fantasy into reality when he constructed Dreaming Camera next to his cosy bungalow. The man, his wife and daughter are currently managing the café.

Taking on a classic red and black colour scene, the giant vintage camera café is designed with round windows ala camera lens and stairs up to the building’s side door entrance. The café generally has two storeys:

The first floor is chock-full with miniature and toy cameras that can easily make any photography enthusiasts happy. It is noted that all of the real cameras seen here are the husband’s personal collection.

The second floor showcases a photo exhibition, in which patrons are urged to take part in.

Apart from the usual comforting cups of coffee, the café offers patrons yummy homemade dishes and meals. Some of the items you can expect to savour her are such churros, Gateau Chocolat and fusion rice cake creations. While we have a good feeling that the food would fare well, it is the concept and breathtaking view you should come for.

Can you just imagine having a cuppa and cake here?

We won’t lie – we’re pretty bummed that we’re not in Korea right now! Prospective café owners and architects in Malaysia, are you up for the challenge? And if you are, do remember to invite the VenusBuzz.com team yeah

To find out more about this charming café, give their Facebook page a like, or check out their website if you’re well conversed in Korean.

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