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Eye Want Candy: Choi Jin Hyuk

With Emergency Couple just ending recently, what is a fan to do? Why, oogle at the very hot main actor of course! Mr. Emergency Man himself a.k.a Choi Jin Hyuk is our Eye Wan Candy of the week!

Who Is This ‘Choi Jin Hyuk’

Born on February 9, 1986, Kim Tae Ho, or better known by his stage name, Choi Jin Hyuk, is an actor hailing from Mokpo, South Korea.

Breaking into the entertainment scene in 2006 through the KBS reality talent show Survival Star Audition, this good looking Korean rose to popularity with the recent season finale of the cable drama, Emergency Couple. Prior to that, Choi Jin Hyuk was also know for his supporting roles in The Heirs and Gu Family Book.

With so many great comments under his belt, and the fact that he is super pleasing to the eyes, here are some other things to know about him.

5. He Is Unlike His Serious Characters!

Despite often cast to portray serious characters (except for Emergency Couple, which was his first comedic role), Jin Hyuk oppa reveals that he is actually the opposite in real life. In an interview with InStyle magazine, he says this: “Actually, I have a bright personality and laugh a lot. When I am excited, I often burst out laughing.”

We must say that we’re glad to find out that, because his smile just melts you away!

4. He Is A Great Morning Call!

Similar with his The Heirs co-star, Kim Woo Bin, this suave individual has a series of morning call videos for his fans to wake up to!

Oh my! Hands down one of the best sights to wake up to in the morning, don’t you agree?

3. He’s Such A Desirable Papa!

One of the episodes in Emergency Couple sees Choi Jin Hyuk’s character taking care of an adorable baby and we won’t lie – we are convinced that he would make a good father!

What’s that? You’re saying that you can’t see yourself having a family with this nice, tall and handsome individual?

You seriously can’t picture living with Jin Hyuk and have him take care of junior as you wait for your manicures to dry? You don’t think it’s adorable that he’s so gentle and careful around children?

All right then. It’s fine by us if you still don’t see the appeal of this glorious man being the father to your child – it just means more of the man to ourselves

4. He Sings, Beautifully!

Even though Jin Hyuk is known in the entertainment industry as an actor, the truth is that he is actually quite a talented singer too.

And that’s performed live with minimal background music, mind you! In fact, that soulful and timbre voice of his lead him to five songs in K-drama OSTs so far. Namely:

  • “Enough to Die” — track from It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl OST (2011)
  • “Inverted Love” — track from Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog (2012)
  • “Best Wishes to You” — track from Gu Family Book OST (2013)
  • “Don’t Look Back” — track from The Heirs OST (2013)
  • “Scent of a Flower” — track from Emergency Couple OST (2014)

5. He Looks Good In Anything

Some guys pull of being a dapper gentleman in class, others are more approachable in casual pieces – but Choi Jin Hyuk generally just looks good in anything! It really doesn’t matter if he is playing the role as a doctor…

If he’s in a traditional costume…

Or even if he is getting his game on with some athletic attire…

Chances are that you’d still stop whatever you’re doing and give the man a good look! Oh, and we bet said look would be especially longer if he had nothing on…

What you’ll need to make your man look like Choi Jin Hyuk.

Formal attire: Well-fitted and dapper suits, white collared shirt, ties.

Casual attire: Plain tops (shirts or button-up), sweaters, fitted dark jeans, trendy pants.

Accessories: Watch, occasional ring and bracelet, sunnies, cute smile and a hot body!

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