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Are Ponytails Bad For Your Hair & Scalp?

There are some days that call for a ponytail hairstyle. But could this be bad for your tresses?

I’ll be first to admit that on days when I haven’t had time to wash my hair, I like to keep it all up in a ponytail or bun. The liberation feels great when the face is cleared of any unruly strands and you get to hide the day-old greasiness of hair too.

But then the questions start coming in… Is it damaging to have my hair up in a ponytail for so many hours? Are my roots suffering? Is that why my hair is falling more than usual?

Well, ponytails are no doubt convenient and useful style but as with any personal care tip, you need to treat your hair with gentleness.

According to experts, it shouldn’t feel as if you’re giving yourself a ‘mini-facelift’ every time you pull your hair back.

When you have on tight ponytails, you are stretching out your hair, especially the delicate fine strands at the front of the scalp which are most susceptible to traction damage. Meaning if you pull on it over a long period of time, you may be ripping out your hair hence more prominent hair fall.

Good thing is this hair loss is temporary but only at first. Constant traction can cause inflammation around the hair follicle, which may go deeper and cause damage in the follicle itself and prevent regrowth of new hair.

Do take note if you particularly like the tight ponytail look, or always wear them in the same spot on your head. If you want to avoid permanent damage, you should change up the way you wear your ponytails.

  • Vary the location of your ponytail – high, low, crown, side – this keeps hair from damage at the roots and breakage.
  • Use fabric bands to decrease snags. The elastic ones tend to catch on hair and cause tension.
  • Keep it loosely tied up. Too much tugging on your scalp irritates nerves and can cause headaches. Beauty is not pain!

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