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12 Hot Gender-Swapping Disney Characters

Ariel as a  merman..and Beast as a female? Is there anything the Disney characters won’t be reimagined as?

We’ve seen them reimagined as Vogue cover models, and as real human beings, with haute couture makeovers. Now, the Disney characters have been given gender-swapping makeovers and we’re surprisingly kind of liking how perfect they look thanks to digital artist, Sakimichan.

Not only does she swap the heroes and heroines, even some of the villains have received this makeover and all we can say is, Sakimichan makes being bad look so good!

She even gives the same treatment to some of the Ghibli characters too, like Princess Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle.

For more information, visit Sakimichan’s tumblr and Facebook pages.

Source: Rocketnews24

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