10 Celebrity Prom Photos Before They Were Famous

Agree or disagree: looking back at old photos is quite an interesting ordeal, especially if you appear like an awkward lass/lad in them.

Chances are that you’d most probably agree. Sure, those images might teleport you back to the past and you’d get to reminisce about the good ol’ times – or you’d just go ‘what was I wearing or thinking back then!?’

Now, imagine if you’re a celebrity and you’re looking at photographs of you before you met your glam squad. Such is the story behind today’s lighthearted piece – prom photos of celebrities before they were famous!

Check out some of these interesting celebrity prom photos below – and feel a little less embarrassed about your bad photo days.

1. Bruno Mars channeling his inner Michael Jackson.


2. Will Ferrell wishing that he was the beauty queen.


3. Adam Levine being the carriage man.


4. Ellen Degeneres proving that plaid will always be in fashion.


5. Blake Lively in a lot of bling. Like, a lot.


6. Taylor Swift and one of her song inspirations?


7. Ashton Kutcher sporting the Skrillex haircut before it was cool.


8. Lizzy Caplan and her date thinks leopard prints are too passé.


9. Courtney Cox. We are questioning whether this is even a prom photo…


10. RuPaul would certainly be the star of ANY prom or event.

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