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Things You’ll Find At A Designer Supermarket

Designer goods have been given a whole new meaning by artist, Peddy Mergui.

Remember how the Internet exploded when Karl Lagerfeld unveiled the Chanel Shopping Centre for Fall-Winter 2014/15 RTW show for Paris Fashion Week.

Now imagine if all the other luxury brands come up with their own everyday products.

The result would probably be something like what this exhibition titled ‘Wheat is Wheat is Wheat’ is about.

From Tiffany & Co.’s blue pack yoghurt to Burberry’s corn flavoured ramen and a carton of Versace’s eggs; the goods are an interesting juxtaposition of highbrow and normality.

Peddy Mergui has reimagined everyday groceries with the designer touch in his artwork. He aims “to highlight the challenges a designer faces when tasked with promoting economic interests while remaining true to his or her own moral compass.”

It is also meant to urge us, the consumers to re-examine our need to be associated with highbrow labels.

This playful series is currently on exhibition at The Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco till June 15th 2014. You can learn more about the Peddy Mergui’s artwork here.

Source: Design Taxi

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