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5 Sensitive Spots To Tease On Your Man

The right moves on the right spots can drive your man extra wild!   

While we’re quite certain that you and your guy have a few go-to moves guaranteed to get both of you hot and heavy for action, it’s never a bad idea to learn a few extra tricks and throw in a curve ball once in awhile.

Although the areas where one likes to be teased on is subjected to personal preference, there are certain parts of the male anatomy that are more erogenous than others. Here are a few male sensitive spots bound to get his temperature rising.

His F-Spot.

The F-spot, or more accurately known as the frenulum, is located underside of the penis – it is basically the thin band of skin that connects the head with the shaft. As it is full of nerve connections, it is very sensitive to the right kind of touch; which is why stroking his F-spot with your fingertips might send him into a sensual frenzy.

His Neck.

While the area between his jawline and shoulders is generally one erogenous zone, the dip where his neck connects with the collarbone will especially spark goose bumps on him. This is because the skin is thinner there and there’s much fatty tissue underneath – meaning that kissing or caressing this area will increase his pleasure and excitement.

His Ears.

Often an overlooked area, his ears can trigger stimulating senses. Focus on the outer ridge of his ear lobes, where the firmness of the cartilage can be nibbled lightly between kisses. Follow up with the hot and wet sensation of your tongue, throw in some heavy breathing, and we’re pretty sure he’ll be weak in the knees in no time.

Behind His Knees.

Due to the smoothness and lack of hair behind his knees, the zone is extra sensitive to touch. So while some can’t stand the ticklish feelings back there, others might be extremely aroused when the area is stimulated during foreplay. Try light, circular strokes to turn up the heat before or during the main event.

His Scalp And Forehead.

Head games are great way to bridge desire and make him yearn for more. As the scalp and hair area are filled with nerve receptors, they make a great erogenous zone to target. Try to gently massage his scalp – not only will this ease his tension, but it’ll also arouse him in the very same moment.

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