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5 Things To Love About The New Dyson Cool Fans

Just when you think Dyson couldn’t get any better, it does with the new generation of Cool fans.

Yesterday, the VenusBuzz.com team was introduced the latest Dyson Cool fans that have just been made available in the market. Although there isn’t much marked difference to the previous ones, we did spot a few improvements and comforting familiarities.

It is 75% quieter

In this new range of Dyson Cool fans, it is noticeably more discreet even when the fan is turned on to the highest mode.

To achieve this quieter setting, the team of engineers at Dyson has managed to reduce the turbulence of high velocity air, cancel out specific tones and yet retain its high performance.

Sounds pretty perfect for those mornings or evenings when you want maximum peace and tranquillity, if you ask us.

Remote control

For this release, each fan gets its own remote control which you can adjust the airflow setting from one to ten, set a timer up to nine hours and switch it on or off at your whim and fancy.

A nifty thing to accompany a smart machine as the remote is magnetised so you can store on the fan and not lose it.

Energy efficient

What makes Dyson fans top class is the Dyson Air Multiplier technology it utilises, which is based on air drawn in by an energy-efficient, brushless motor.

What this means is that air is evenly maximised and channelled so you get powerful, smooth and high velocity airflow.

Besides enjoying the steady stream of air, you get to save money at the same time. It sees an improvement to the previous fans as this range uses 40% less power without compromising on powerful airflow!


Dyson fans are meant to last you a long time. Destructive, endurance, performance and reliability tests are constantly carried out to help the team at Dyson perfect their products.

A variety of different techniques went into the making of Dyson’s new generation fans but if you’re still worried, each fan comes with two-year parts and labour guarantee.

Safe & easy to clean

At the heart of every Dyson fan is its design of practicality and safety feature. The fans have always created a sense of wonderment to those who get up-close.

It’s good to see that they haven’t strayed far away from their initial offering and stayed true to its cool factor with the consumers still in mind.

Bladeless, sleek design and no-fuss cleaning, the Dyson Cool fans are the works of incredible engineering and these babies make for a handsome addition to the home for sure!


The latest Dyson Cool fans range is now available at all major electrical retail outlets with iron/blue, black/nickel and white/silver colour choices. Priced from RM1099 to RM1759. To keep updated on all Dyson technology, click here

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