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The Golden Goose Lets You Scramble Eggs Inside Shells

“If I shake the eggs fast and long enough, will they come out scrambled?”

If you are one who has questions as such appear in your mind, you’d be glad to know that yes, it is possible – in fact, there’s a gadget to help you with it.

Meet the ‘Golden Goose,’ the egg scrambler extraordinaire!

Essentially a low-tech and hand-powered kitchen gadget, the Golden Goose uses centrifugal force to scramble an egg so that the final product comes out of the shell with the yolk and egg white mixed.

In simple terms, you can scramble an egg without breaking the shell.

The mastermind who designed this is Mr Krumpe, a 37 year old industrial designer.

“The idea for the Goose all started when I found a video online in which a guy claimed to make an in-shell scrambled egg with a tea towel. I didn’t believe it could be done so I decided I had to give it a go. I quickly used up all the eggs in my fridge and not one attempt was successful.”

All that is old news now though – because the Golden Goose is here to make things so much easier for all you home chefs! Meticulously designed and tested, the device gadget that can fit any egg in and is guaranteed not to break the shell.

As shared by Krumpe, the Goose is also about injecting some fun into your time in the kitchen.

One other plus point is that since the egg is scrambled inside the shell, air doesn’t get into the egg. This will therefore result in scrambled eggs that are much more creamier.

Extremely fun and providing tasty treats such these items below? Oh, yes please!

Krumpe and his egg-scellent project is currently seeking funding on crowdsourcing website Kickstarter. If successful, the Golden Goose will take flight later this year. For more information and to perhaps get one for yourself, click here.

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