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5 Reasons To Get The Samsung Curved Ultra HD TV

It’s big, bold and curvy – say hello to Samsung’s latest Curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV!

The game changers are at it again! As if smarter phones, tablets and electronic products aren’t enough, Samsung has gone forth and introduced to the world an innovative and interesting new technology – curved smart TVs.

Modestly named as the Samsung Curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV, this latest invention is set to pave the way to a bold new era of immersive viewing. In line with the official launch of the TV in Malaysia, we list down 5 reasons why you should consider getting the sexy Curved UHD TV.

1. It’s Curvy Nature.

Aspiring to be the bootylicious ‘Beyonce’ of the TV realm, Samsung’s UHD TV is a big step forward for the audio-visual industry.

The curve concept not only makes the TV seem bigger with a wider field of view, but it also gives viewers a stronger presence not felt on conventional flat screens. Another plus point is that the curved body would yield a number of interesting visual results depending on different viewing positions.

All this would result in viewers having a more realistic and true-to-life watching experience. So you can just imagine the visual fest when being surrounded by spectacular color, clarity and detail!

2. Enhanced Picture Quality

The Samsung UHD TV provides unparalleled picture quality regardless of source material. This is due to the fact that it is designed with four times more resolution and pixels of Full HD.

Additionally, image colour is further enhanced on these sets with Samsung’s PurColour™ – a technology that reproduces colour to give more detailed expression.

3. Supreme Sound System.

To further enhance viewing experience, the Korean tech giant has also launched together a new home audio sound system with the Curved UHD TV.

4. Soccer Mode.

Malaysians love their football and the FIFA World Cup is soon to dawn upon us; which is why you’d be glad to know that Samsung has came up with a new Soccer Mode.

Part of the Family Feature, the Soccer Mode allows football fans to zoom-in, auto and manual highlight moments for a more enjoyable football match experience.

5. Samsung UHD Video Pack.

As for the movie enthusiasts, the UHD Video Pack by Samsung makes its debut this year. Coming in a one terabyte hard disk, viewers can now enjoy UHD-quality content which includes feature films from FOX and Paramount Pictures.

The Samsung Curved UHD TV 65” is retailing at RM21,999 from the end of April 2014 onwards at selected Samsung Retail outlets and authorized dealers. For more information on the product, you can click on the Samsung website here or Facebook page here.

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