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More Southeast Asia Women Embracing Solo Travel And Womens’ Only Trips

Save the hassle of travelling with company and just book that trip on your own

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TripAdvisor has revealed that women in Southeast Asia are embracing independent travel, according to the findings of its inaugural Women and the World Travel Survey. The study of over 600 women from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia found that one in three (36%) travel alone for leisure, with 43 per cent planning at least 2 solo trips this year.

According to the survey, four in five women (80%) in Southeast Asia cited the ability to do whatever they want without worrying about others as the main reason for travelling without friends or family. When it comes to the destinations for solo travel, four in five (81%) are planning to venture within Asia, followed by exploring their home country (36%) and Europe (36%).

Of those who travelled alone, three in four (75%) women reported that the experience has changed them, with feeling more confident, learning something about themselves and becoming more aware of their surroundings as the top three changes they experienced.

The survey also found that two in five women (41%) go on leisure trips with other women, with more than half (53%) planning at least 2 trips this year. Majority of them mentioned the ability to enjoy the same activities, followed by bonding with other women as the motivating factors for travelling with other women. Their favourite activities when travelling with other women are shopping (76%), experiencing local cuisine (67%) and indulging in beauty and wellness activities (54%).

One thing is for sure, with more and more female travel on the rise whether for business or leisure, it is clear that this traveller segment can no longer be ignored. Check out the 10 safest travel destinations in Asia for women!

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