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Celebrate And Sing To Classic Disney Songs With ‘The Legacy Collection’

Fans of classic Disney movies and music rejoice!

While Disney tunes took on a futuristic twist with the release of DConstructed some time ago (read more about the Disney EDM remix album here), it appears that the animation gurus know what draws in the crowd best – classic and old school songs where people can shamelessly karaoke to!

Announced just yesterday, Walt Disney Records is set to release a dozen albums called “The Legacy Collection.” Essentially collectible CDs, these records will feature the original soundtrack, unreleased music that didn’t make the cut and additional documentary content.

To keep it classy, these collectibles are also designed to have book-like appearance so that they can be nicely displayed on shelves. Nice!

Celebrating noteworthy anniversaries of 12 of Disney’s most iconic and popular soundtracks, the special collection is schedule to be publicly available from June 2014 up till 2015.


  • The Lion King, 20th anniversary — 24/6
  • Mary Poppins, 50th anniversary — 26/8
  • Sleeping Beauty, 55th anniversary — 7/10
  • The Little Mermaid, 25th anniversary — 17/11


  • Fantasia, 75th anniversary — 3/1
  • Pinocchio, 75th anniversary — 3/2
  • Toy Story, 20th anniversary — 17/3
  • Disneyland, 60th anniversary — 7/4
  • Lady and the Tramp, 60th anniversary — 12/5
  • Pocahontas, 20th anniversary — 23/6
  • Aristocats, 45th anniversary — 14/8
  • Cinderella, 65th anniversary — 14/8

Oh, be still our Disney-loving heart! There is no news on whether the physical records will hit Malaysian stores any time soon, but you can order them online via Amazon.com. In fact, the Lion King Legacy Collection (as pictured above) is already up for pre-order here. (Alternatively, you can also wait for them to be available on Spotify)

Though, we must say that there is one thing we wish we could change — to slot in Mulan’s soundtrack into The Legacy Collection! Because come on now, we can’t be the only one who loves belting to Captain Shang’s ‘I’ll Make A Man Out Of You’!

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