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What Are The Calories In Your Favourite Alcoholic Drink?

Sorry to burst you bubble, but here’s a fact: ‘Happy Hour’ or party drinking can be quite fattening.

Regardless as a stress reliever or as a tool to get the party started, we’re all guilty of having an alcoholic drink or two — but have you ever thought of the after effects the drinks bring? Specifically what it could do to your waistline.

Truth is, alcoholic drinks pack in quite a caloric punch — a glass of wine can have the same calories as four pieces of cookies and a pint of lager has the calorific equivalent of a slice of pizza. Yes, we find this pretty alarming and depressing too.

To help you not go overboard as you drink the night (or day) away, here are the calorie count of some of the popular alcoholic beverages.

[Bonus] In case your favourite cocktail was not listed above, here’s a more detailed version by HellaWella for more information.

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