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What To Eat In KLIA2?

The VenusBuzz team goes to the newly-opened transportation hub to bring you the answers to that all important question — ‘What is there to eat in KLIA2 arh?’

In case you have not heard or realised, LCCT has packed its bags, closed its gates and moved on to a better place; thus the birth of the KLIA2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2)! In regards to that, we’ve got to tell you this very important fact about the new airport — the place is a food haven!

Gone are the days of resorting to a cramped up McDonald’s or a stuffy Starbucks. Instead, travellers would be greeted with a wide array of dining options that range from fast foo, frozen yogurt to even a mamak.

Without further ado, here are some of the food and restaurants in KLIA2 ready to fill up tummies before or after a flight. (Note: There are dining options in all of the floors at KLIA2, but you can find most of them in Level 2, 2M and 3 of Gateway@KLIA2.)

For Fulfilling Meals

For Coffee and Places To Chill At

For Quick Bites and Desserts

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