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Top 6 Ways to Kill Time in KLIA2

The VenusBuzz Team scoped out the new low-cost terminal and we’re happy to report that this is one airport we wouldn’t mind spending hours pre and post flight!

From how to get there and a quick look at places to eat, we’ve covered the newly opened KLIA2 pretty extensively – but what exactly are the main highlights of this terminal that make it one of the most talked about places to check out in the past few weeks?

Well for starters, you won’t feel like you’re waiting at a bus terminal anymore (we’re looking at you, LCCT). This huge, air-conditioned terminal spans over 5 floors and two buildings so there’s ample space to move around and yes, actual proper seats instead of having to perch on a railing or worse..sitting on the mucky floor (still looking at you LCCT).

Here are our top 6 things to do, to kill time in this fancy new airport of ours:

6. Shop, shop, shop!

With so many shops scattered all over the Gateway@KLIA2 and the actual terminal, there’s always a place to throw more money at at any point of your departure or arrival at KLIA2. From fashion outlets like Vincci, Jelly Bunny to the soon-to-be-opened Desigual, a sports shop, book store, and lots of places to hunt for your beauty emergency items – you’re literally in a shopping mall that has quite a lot to offer.


5. Toys ‘R’ Us, L2

Speaking of shops, Toys ‘R’ Us will keep you occupied plenty especially if you have kids (or the biggest child of all, your Significant Other) that get restless quickly during traveling, and it’s a pretty large store too! We love that there is something for everyone here, and it’s good to know that kids aren’t left out of the equation at KLIA2.


4. Jaya Grocer, L2

This, completely blew our mind. You know those times that you travel for a few weeks and arrive home thinking..’Crap. There’s no food and I need to stock up and do some grocery shopping – but I’m too tired, maybe tomorrow.’ Well, KLIA2 has solved that problem for you so you eliminate the hassle of getting home and leaving your bags to head out and brave the traffic – and everything else that comes along with that. Simply pop by Jaya Grocer and grab some of your basic sustenance, or even get the cooks there to whip you up a tasty meal before you head home!


3. Nanny’s Pavillon, L2M

If lepaking is more your thing and you’d rather have coffee or some sweet treats, you’ll love checking out Nanny’s Pavillon that serves some pretty delicious waffles (try the Peanut Butter Caramel one for all you that have a sweet tooth). We love the social aspect of the communal seats in the center and the decor here is extremely airport-chic with suitcase seats and sofas made from baggage carts which are so comfy – just make sure you don’t fall asleep and miss your flight! Check out our full review of Nanny’s Pavillon here.


2. Thai Odyssey, L2M

You have not known (budget) luxury until you have someone remove your stinky shoes to wash your feet with a refreshing scrub and give you a foot or body massage just before or after you travel. It’s the best way to kickstart your holiday and get you in the mood after the stress you’ve no doubt had to go through to prepare for your trip. We highly recommend getting a massage if you can afford it – it’s slightly more expensive than the rates in town but oh-so worth it.


1. Observation Deck, L3

If spending money is not on your budget, fear not. You can always head on to the Observation Deck in between the two buildings and look as the planes go by (you can even see KLIA from here). We’re sure this would be a beautiful sight for aviation lovers, especially at night!

So the next time you fly out from KLIA2, why not come a little bit earlier to see what tickles your fancy! For a full listing of shops at KLIA2, click here.

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