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Nanny’s Pavillon: The Airport Cafe Within An Airport

We’ve extensively covered the food aspect of KLIA2 (read here to find out what’s there to fill your stomach with), but one place that’s made a prominent impact on us comes in the form of a quaint cafe.

Say hello to Nanny’s Pavillon, or you can also regard it as the airport-themed cafe within an airport!

Originating from Bandung in Indonesia, Nanny’s Pavillon is essentially a French American restaurant that specialises in hot meals and desserts. With its first Malaysian outlet situated in the newly opened Gateway@KLIA2 (which is the commercial zone of KLIA2), the food and beverage joint takes on an interesting concept. Regarded as Nanny’s Pavillon Porte Bagage, the cafe looks like an airport.

The furnitures are arranged in a cozy yet resourceful manner — patrons can sit at ease, but it is obvious that space is trying to be utilised. Nonetheless, these communal seats can prove to be a pretty nifty social tool for mingling with fellow travellers.

In addition to that, it is obvious that the restaurant is trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you don’t believe us, just sit on these sofas below and try not to fall asleep!

But if you’re really paranoid of dozing off and prefer upright chairs, try their luggage stools! Tres cute, chic, and fits perfectly inside an airport; don’t you agree?

As the food served in the restaurant originate from traditional family recipes, each of the food carries a sort of family-oriented name, such as Mom’s Green Spaghetti, Smoked Brisket Spaghetti from My Uncle, Dad’s Fries and Aunties Sausage Baked Rice.

We tried the Peanut Butter Caramel waffle (approx. RM16).

The waffle itself is not overly flavoured; which makes it a great base to soak up all that glorious caramel, peanut butter and ice cream. Be warned though, while the size might look small in nature, it is actually quite filling. Also, expect to pay a higher price tab; this is after all a food and beverage joint in a world class airport.

As mentioned, Nanny’s Pavillon also serves a good amount of other food. We wren’t able to try them, but rest assured that we will the next time we happen to stop by at this airport cafe; because they look oh so scrumptious!

All in all, let’s just put it this way, if Nanny’s Pavillon was closer to where we live, it would definitely be one place we’d frequent a lot. In the meantime, it’s safe to say that you can plan a great farewell or welcoming breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper here for someone who’s heading out or in the country

Nanny’s Pavillon

L2M-23, Mezzanine Floor,


64000 Sepang, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 24 hours (Monday – Sunday)

Keep up with Nanny’s Pavillon and their latest news via their Facebook Page here.

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